Groundswell Alternative Business School creates a space for you to radically reimagine how you work.

Our courses and programs help you tap into your values and strengths, challenge harmful systems and build collective power to transform the status quo. We do this in an immersive and shared learning environment where you'll learn more than skills, you'll grow your voice and your agency to create the conditions in which you thrive. Together we'll decenter the dominant narratives about leadership and success, and widen our perspective on work beyond the grind so we can affirm the ways in which you bring value. 

Are you ready to cultivate alternative ways of being in relationship with yourself, your work, and your community?

It's Personal: Everything you have lived has value. You'll dig deep into your lived experiences and align with your values and strengths to define success and contribution on your own terms.

It's Systemic: Together we'll uncover and confront the systems that are harmful and disconnected from what’s important to you. You'll challenge these narratives and widen your perspective on work. 

It's Collective: We're not meant to do this work alone. Supported by your cohort, you'll cultivate collective and relational ways of working that honour our interdependence and humanity.

Our signature course Leadership for Social Change is now open for 2023 enrolment . Find out more by clicking on a course listed below.

Start creating the future you want, for yourself and your community.

Groundswell has supported over 250 students to put their values to work through our immersive social entrepreneurship and leadership programs. Our students are creating alternative futures of work that are rooted in who they are, while serving the communities they belong to.

Our teachings are grounded in personal practice and lived experience, with proven tools and approaches for creating personal and systemic change. Daniela, Paola and Samita collectively bring decades of experience in facilitating inclusive programs for leadership, social entrepreneurship, and local economic development. We look forward to welcoming you into our shared (virtual) space.

You can read more about us and our approach at

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Here's What Our Alumni Are Saying

Beginning the Journey Towards Purpose


“Groundswell provides an inclusive, intensive and supportive container for beginning the journey towards purpose with proven structures to guide what is often a difficult and confusing process.”

Realign With Why You Do What You Do


“Groundswell is an opportunity to step out of the hustle of work and realign yourself to the heart of why you do what you do. It gives you a safe space to explore the alternatives, wonder and imagine yourself stepping towards a path that feels more congruent with your being.”

Living True To Your Values


“Groundswell does a fantastic job of creating an environment that prompted me to dig deep into my self and my leadership. I love that the Groundswell team practices what they preach. Living true to your values doesn't have to be a detriment in life or work, and Groundswell is proof of that.”

The Course You Didn't Know You Needed


“This is the type of course you didn't know you needed until you've done it. I have already spoken about this program to so many people, and feel that many (like-minded) women in my life also yearn to widen their perspective on work and how we value it.”

Supportive and Insightful


“An incredible experience! Supportive, insightful, highly recommended method to delve deep into personal development and mapping future directions. I’m overwhelmed by just how well the course proceeded via Zoom.”

Radically Changed How I Work


“I appreciate the call to radically change how I work -- not because I need to improve my "work-life balance" but because our inequitable systems are harmful, are intolerable, and cannot continue to be supported through our banal day-to-day occupations. Take this course."

More Possibilities Than I Had Imagined


“I grew up with a lot of the standard expectations - you go to school, get a job and that’s what you now do. Groundswell broke down those expectations of what life is and what it could be. There are more possibilities than I had imagined.”

Impressed with the Online Format


“The Groundswell experience was incredible and I feel way more confident about my journey than before the course. I'm particularly impressed with the online format, the facilitators did an incredible job at keeping the group focused, relaxed and socially connected.”